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Updates of a general character

March 13, 2006

It’s update Sunday!

First of all the look of the green search boxes got a facelift. This was done to accomodate another update to the radical search.

By clicking on the new “Expanded view” link on the bottom right of the radicals you can toggle between seeing all the radicals and the normal small view. This is really handy for people with large screens. The state is saved in a cookie so the page will remember what your setting was the next time you use it. Thanks again to Ronald who’s comments initiated this.

And thanks to Matt, the links page is now a wee bit more culturally sensitive.

On the links page I also added Four-Character Idiomatic Compounds, a long list of four-character compunds (yojijukugo) and what they mean in English, and Rikaichan, an extension for Firefox providing Rikai-functionality directly from the browser (thanks David).

And ending this update Sunday is the latest version of EDICT, the main word database, released on march 12, replacing the one released on february 10.


Radical search tuneup

March 2, 2006

Just gave the radical search a minor tuneup. Made it more space efficient so more radicals are shown at once. Also fixed a bug occurring in Internet Explorer where the search result wouldn’t show up when the same search had already been done once. Thanks to Ronald for noticing that one.

The kanji details page was also fixed so it looks better in narrow windows.

Lastly I added the blog, which has good explanations of grammar points, to the links page.