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Hidden features

April 23, 2006

I strive to make everything in Denshi Jisho self explanatory, but I have made two hidden features that you won’t know are there unless you stumble upon them by accident. Thankfully that is very likely since it has to do with moving your mouse pointer over search results. But I thought I should give a shout about it anyhow in case anyone has missed it.

The first one is actually one of the main reasons that I made Denshi Jisho to begin with, other than my real-life denshi jisho breaking down on me, and has to do with the fact that cramming complex kanji in a 14px font makes for a very illegible result. So if you mover your mouse pointer over the kanji-part of a word search result you will be immediately rewarded with a magnification of that word. Like this:

Hidden magnifying function

The second is on the kanji details page and is just a general nicety. If you move your mouse pointer over the large kanji it will change from displaying in a gothic (sans-serif) typeface to a mincho (serif) typeface, provided that your computer has the right fonts installed and your browser knows how to differ between sans-serif and serif Japanese. It looks like this:

Hidden mincho display

Hope this helps.


Small fixes

April 22, 2006

A quick note to say that I just updated Denshi Jisho.

This release is mostly small fixes to the underlying code. So hopefully a few javascript things should be a tad faster now. I also changed the looks of a few things.

The radical search also got yet another update. First of all it works in Opera again. I probably broke it with the last update, but no one complained so I don’t think anyone noticed. Secondly the kanji are now sorted according to stroke count instead of the semi-random way it was before.

I have also updated the examples sentences and the EDICT dictionary to their latest versions.

Lastly, on the links page I have added two new blogs that deal with Japanese, Japanese for life and Nihongojouzu.