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New server

September 28, 2006

I have moved Denshi Jisho to a new server. This server is all mine, which means I can upgrade and play with Denshi Jisho a bit more easily than before. Big thanks to Frans for hosting Denshi Jisho this far, and another big thanks to Daniel who provides the new server with juice.

In the process of moving I updated and fixed a few things. So the deinflection engine that I added in the last update, but quickly had to disable because of problems on the server, is up and running again.

I have also cleaned up the word search options and added an option for showing the kana in a word search as romaji.


Deinflection hickup

September 5, 2006

The deinflection engine was causing some issues on the server, so I had to disable it for the moment. I’ll be looking into the cause and have it fixed as soon as possible.