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More precise radical search

June 14, 2007

I just updated the Kanji by radical page with a new feature. When you click on a radical, the page now dims all radicals that are not available for the kanji returned. This will make it easier and faster to make more detailed radical searches with more than one radical.


Waiting for a new server

June 13, 2007

Update: So, Google Ads. I’m not satisfied with the DreamHost solution and have decided to buy a new server and move back to colocation. So far Denshi Jisho has received about $400 in donations, which is completely awesome! However, I still need some more to fund the new equipment, so I will run some Google ads to see if it helps. It is hopefully just a temporary thing.

Update: The temporary server is being moved physically, so I have switched Denshi Jisho over to the new server at DreamHost. Everything should be working except the deinflection engine, which I need more time with. This will be a good opportunity to test the new server under normal conditions, and according to how it goes I’ll decide wether to switch over permanently or to go back to the temporary server. As always, thanks for your support!

Update: Thanks to several donations I have been able to buy an account at Dreamhost that I will be evaluating during the next few days. If it works well I will swtich Denshi Jisho over, possibly with some nice speedups as a side effect. Thank you all for your donations!

Original message: Unfortunately, the main Denshi Jisho server has crashed badly (probably a dead hard drive). It will be some time before someone can get to the server to see if it can be recovered. Until then my friend Axel has kindly lent me some space on his server as a temporary solution.

As I’ll most likely have to buy a new hard drive and more RAM for the main server or find a hosted solution, now is a great time to donate. I would really really appreciate it.