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Pagination and visual improvements

December 11, 2007

I just put up a new Denshi Jisho version. The major thing about this is that Denshi Jisho now has pagination of search results. The reason this has taken over two years to appear is that i wasn’t happy with current pagination standards. The problem is that normal pagination can give you, for example, two pages, with 25 items on the first page and 1 item on the last page. This to me is really sub-optimal. It would be better to just have one page with 26 items.

So I have written a pagination scheme that complies with this idea. I have released it as a general Perl module on CPAN as Data::Page::Balanced. This also marks the first code from Denshi Jisho that I release publicly. Hopefully more will follow.

This version also fixes a few visual glitches in Internet Explorer and Opera.