Denshi Jisho for the iPhone

January 6, 2008

I just enabled a version of Denshi Jisho optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can access it by going to with your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you want to access it from any other device you should use But bear in mind that it looks best in browsers based on WebKit.

It’s still a little rough around the edges, but it has most of the features of the normal site. Although the kanji by radicals search is a little slow and hard to navigate on such a small display. I’ll keep working on making it easier to use, but wanted to release it since it works better than the normal site on the iPhone.



29 Responses to “Denshi Jisho for the iPhone”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    This looks like it might work pretty well with the nintendo ds browser too but I can’t tell yet (my copy is in the mail). Keep up the great work!

  2. Rick N Says:

    It works GREAT on my iPod touch. Thanks very much. I bookmarked it to my homescreen and the homescreen icon looks great too.

  3. Ben Says:

    On my iPhone I’m just seeing the site credits. Clicking on any of the 4 tabs does not change the display for me. Am I missing something?

    The denshi jisho has an amazing amount of data all in one place. Great work!

  4. Asher Says:

    FANTASTIC!! already saved as a button on my main screen Thankyou!!!!

  5. Kevin Says:

    Will a non-web based version of denshi jisho be release for the iPhone via the new SDK? It’s incredibly frustrating that an app as useful and efficient as denshi jisho requires a web connection (which remains painfully slow) to operate on the iPhone.

  6. Kim Says:

    Ben: It might be slow to load at first. Give it a few moments to load. Otherwise I’m not sure why that is.

    Kevin: That is definitely something I’d like to do. But I can’t make any promises.

    Rick, Asher: Glad you like it!

  7. GDL Says:


    that’s great. I know what I am going to use on my iPhone after 11th July :)

    Thanks for a very useful (and good designed) site.

    Keep the good work.

  8. Adam Says:


    What a wonderful resource this site is. I just have one possible feature addition that I think everyone would love and appreciate:

    A firefox search engine plugin.

    My thoughts is that you could easily create a plugin (much like the current ones in Firefox for google, ebay, etc.) to search at this website. My idea is that the engine should detect (to a reasonable extent) if the input is Japanese or English, and look up the right entry accordingly.

    Wouldn’t that be a great idea? Just make for much faster browsing and ease of use….

  9. Kim Says:

    GDL: Thanks!

    Adam: Actually, this feature already exists. You should be able to add Denshi Jisho as a search engine by clicking on the menu in the search box when you are on

    It doesn’t autodetect though, so you will have to add one for Japanese-English and one for English-Japanese.

    Hope that helps.

  10. Ken Says:

    Any plans to add a “Search for this in plain form” option that the main site already incorporates?

  11. Kim Says:

    Ken, that is just something I completely forgot to add to the iPhone version. I’ll try and put it in in the next version. Thanks!

  12. Ken Says:

    Thank you very much!

  13. Trejkaz Says:

    This is pretty neat, but I have some minor suggestions:

    1. The iPhone capitalises the first letter of the word, but if you enter the japanese word in romaji then it doesn’t find the word (it must be case sensitive.)

    2. I think it would be neat if it converted romaji into kana after submitting the form, like the full web interface does.

    3. It would be nice if the keyboard went away after hitting Search, but I’m not sure how feasible this is (maybe it would happen automatically if the text field lost the focus? just a random thought, could be completely wrong here.)

    4. It would be nice if could take advantage of the new iPhone OS 3.0 home screen features, in particular launching without the browser chrome to make it appear more like a native app, but also the preloading placeholder image is a nice thing to have.

  14. vivogram Says:

    Hi ^^ I was wondering if you plan to build something for the search engine function of Firefox 3.5. That would be a great addition to your already awesome functions.

  15. Kim Says:

    Trejkaz, those are very good suggestions. Thanks!

    Vivogram, there is already support for this. Denshi Jisho search options should appear in the search bar in Firefox.

  16. Paul Says:

    This looks great on my BlackBerry Storm 2, aside from the checkboxes being a little off.

  17. goulnik Says:

    great resource – unfortunately, the iphone version of radical search doesn’t seem to work with Opera on Windows Mobile 6?!

  18. Chieze Okoye Says:

    I just stumbled on this site (working on a translation project). Not only is it awesome on PC, it’s great on my Pre, too! Bookmarked!

  19. goulnik Says:

    to be more specific about my previous comment : on HTC Touch HD (480×800 screen res) with Opera v. 9.5 : 1) with the regular web version Kanji by radicals radical tables displays ok, selecting one highlights it, but the message ‘Searching for kanji, please wait…’ never goes away and no result pop up.
    2) with the iphone version, By radicals, same thing without the ‘please wait’ message

  20. 竜機神 Says:

    the iphone is a piece of crap for retarded snobs.

  21. chipetke (チペトケ) Says:

    Hello…. great page
    Is there a possibility to have a subpage similar to the keitai version with different encoding? UTF-8 for example… I can use it on my cellphone using the main/iphone version, but it crashes the browser in a few minutes…
    I’m using a N6120c with a CJK font installed and with M-FEP60 for japanese input so using would be a charm… except for this. Stupid Nokia doesn’t support Shift-JIS encoding…

  22. Kim Says:

    @chipetke, you’ll be happy to know that I do plan to make a UTF-8 version of the keitai site available. But I can’t say when yet :)

  23. Gustav Says:


    I’m using everyday, both on PC and iPhone and I love it. To find kanji via bushu on iPhone works very well and I could not learn japanese as fast as I do without your site. Thank you very much!

  24. Kim Says:

    For everyone who has been asking for a western version of, it’s finally here:

  25. sam Says:

    This is amazing and work very well on the iphone. Is there a bookmarklet where i can just select the word on any website and tap so it search for me on your site ?

  26. Kimtaro Says:

    @sam, Glad you like the site! There is a bookmarklet for the main website. Do you want something similar for the iPhone?

  27. Ben Says:

    Hey Kim,

    For over three years I have been using your website, both on iphone and my mac. It’s wonderful. I owe a HUGE debt to you for not only helping me navigate my way through Japanese, but also as a teaching tool. Your radical search is wonderful, and your dictionary really clears things up for me. I’m honestly surprised you don’t have more “thank you” posts here. (though, well, I guess it took me three years to do it ;-)

    Anyhow, is there any chance you can / are going to make and iPhone App? It would be that much better if I can have exactly, but without having to be connected via Wifi or 3G. I’d pay for it, for sure.

    If you do make one, the one suggestion I’d have for improvement would be a “bookmarked” words section. That’d be really sweet.  Other than that, yeah, perfection.


  28. Kim Says:

    Hi Ben, I’m glad that you like Denshi Jisho! Thanks!

    At some point I would like to make an iPhone app, but at the moment I’m completely focussed on making a new and better version of the site. Maybe once that is complete I’ll have time to do an iPhone app. But no promises.


  29. Linda Annette Says:

    I love it, it’s very useful :)

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